The Carvery with Alex Dorr

All that you desire in life - success, happiness, innovation, creativity, teamwork - is your natural state, once the drama is gone. Hosted by Alex Dorr, a practicing drama-diffuser and keynote speaker who's worked with Fortune 500 companies, The Carvery is a place for all to learn the simple tools, practical strategies and proven mental processes to carve away the drama in our lives. In this show, Alex shares his stories of living drama-free (or trying to), teaching the philosophy and how leaders can also carve away drama to lead more peaceful, high-achieving teams.

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    Wellness at Work Means Wellness in Life

    Workplace wellness is a hot topic out there and an important concept for me and I loved diving into what ditching the drama means for this movement on the Redesigning Wellness podcast with Jen Arnold. We discuss the main sources of drama draining people’s energy at work and what that means for the push for more wellbeing in the workplace. Loved this podcast and am so grateful for the opportunity.

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    7 Deadly Sins of Conventional Leadership Wisdom

    Many of us follow leadership wisdom that is passed down to us or that we have read and heard in management seminars of the past. Are they currently helping or hurting? Our research is showing that many are fueling drama instead of reducing it. This podcast discusses the top 7 deadly sins of the current leadership approach and what we can do to course-correct for a more peaceful workplace.

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    BONUS EPISODE: Employee Engagement is Broken - Full Keynote

    Many organizations have gone all-in on employee engagement efforts. Coke and Pepsi in the breakroom, increased vacation days, flexible working hours and whatever it can be done to improve employee circumstances. While watching this trend, our organization was worried an over-rotation on engagement, without a strong foundation in mindsets of accountability, would create entitlement.

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    Joy or Misery, My Choice

    There are two ways to go through each day - joy our misery, our choice. I was reminded of this powerful lesson after a recent morning I had when I thought my car was stolen after getting home late from a speaking engagement. I thought this lesson can show the impact of living the philosophy daily and how the same events can have drastically different results if we understand our ego and poor thinking.

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    How to Love Your Job Again

    What if I told you that the job you hate today can become the job you love tomorrow? It sounds too good to be true, but I have had so many attendees reach out after our sessions and say that this is what happens in their mindsets after they learn our principles.

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    How to Be More Confident as a Leader

    Many people are searching for ways to increase their confidence as a leader, but find themselves holding back. In a recent session of mine, an attendee loved the content but didn't know how to confidently give the techniques a try and wanted some advice. This episode breaks down my thinking on how to truly increase your confidence with some simple techniques and mindset shifts.

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    How Clarity Amplifies Your Leadership and Impact

    Clarity is a secret weapon in leadership. So many of us are unaware of the impact of our level of clarity (or lack there of) we bring to the table and how it influences team dynamics. In a recent team workshop focused mainly on this topic, I had huge learning moments around this topic and how it can greatly improve your leadership and the level of drama on your team. I’ve realized that clarity is what’s left – after the drama is gone and leaders seek and facilitate more clarity at all times. Here are my top takeaways from the training and some great ideas to make clarity your secret weapon moving forward.

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    How to Maximize Top Talent on Your Team

    The famous Steve Jobs quote is "We don't hire the best talent to tell them what to do, we hire the top talent so they can tell us what to do." In this episode, I add my commentary to this quote to ensure top talent stays drama-free in what they suggest for you to do for ideas.

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    Dealing with "Change for Change's Sake" at Work

    Many people who are frustrated with the rapid pace of change in their organizations bring up this concern that their companies are pushing "changes just for change's sake." They are convinced that the company is not being strategic about the direction and reason for many of the changes they are implementing. This episode dives into navigating this frustration and will give you some answers to approach this situation from a place where you can add the most value with the least amount of drama.

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    Tips for Overcoming a Super Negative Person at Work

    When working with a client earlier this year I was told about a somewhat toxic situation that happened between a manager and a large number of employees that were accusing her of being basically the most negative person ever.

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